antonymes – radio mix

An hour to drift, dream and disappear from the mundanity of life in the company of a superbly serene set list collected together by Antonymes for a rare appearance at the turntables at BBC Radio Wales. Regulars visitors to these missives will no doubt be all too aware of our fondness for the work of Antonymes, it goes back to the old school My Space days, listening to these tear stained fragile overtures that glowed and stirred with a porcelain classicism and an emotional tenderness so rarely heard done with such affecting precision, within there was an intimacy and sense of a fleeting moment of beauty captured and frozen, the trembling timbes hinting of a craft schooled and informed primarily by Satie. These days, home for Antonymes is the Australian sound house Hidden Shoal, a label who over the years have fashioned and founded for themselves an enviable repute for being a safe haven for sounds both elegant and ethereal not mention boasting a formidable catalogue that echoes to classic era 4AD. So herewith as mentioned earlier, 60 minutes in the company of Antonymes seamlessly interspersing tracks from his own considerable canon into a beautifully lulling selection that includes the spectral seduction of Berserin Quartet (‘hier und jetzt’), some spellbinding and utterly romantic though bitter sweetly bruised Greg Haines (‘something happened’), a frankly devilishly attractive Carpenter recaliberated by a playfully impish and oddly funk set Autechre via Rauelsson (‘split’), a little of what can only be described as wow that’s guaranteed to test the full gamut of your emotional spectrum by Jaga Jazzist (‘swedenborgske’) and darest we forget Marconi Union’s sublime ‘riser’ mentioned here in passing a few weeks ago, a Manchester based combo well worth taking out time to investigate.

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