duke st. workshop

Just 50 lathe copies of this ultra limited between albums curio from Duke St. Workshop. Featuring two tracks (‘uno’ / ‘duo’) that could easily be lost scores for an unfinished early 70’s spy noir, ‘scuro estivo’ finds them momentarily relocating from their trademark synth swathed strangeness to incorporate and occupy a more sophisticated and romantically phrased sound world sweetly haloed in cosmopolitan pastorals all delicately demurred in a caressing Autumnal lounge lulling lazy eyed affection that recalls above all, those murmured tones emanating from the sadly missed L’Augmentation sound house. The looser and more tenderly toned of the set, the ‘duo’ (at least that’s what we think it’s called) side of this split wax persona, comes deliriously ghosted in purring 60’s styled noir motifs mournfully etched in a haunting regret and an affecting mellowing bitter sweetness, lush with Italo crushes and a fair degree of shadow playing as to imagine it being a meeting of musical minds venture between John Barry and John Baker, a rare case of a release with its own dress code requirements of smoking jackets and cigarette holders. Out via the ever essential static caravan studio.


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