the death of pop

blame our impoverished time poor restraints, you might have to hang on for a few days while we immerse ourselves in this album before we come back with words of fondness, that said we did hook up to the maudlin sounding (title that is0 ‘if you cared less (we’d be dead)’ by the death of pop from a new full length just out on the Spanish imprint diskos de kirlian (whose press blurb type write up, would you believe, we’ve momentarily lost in the too many windows open on the dashboard fiasco we laughingly call a work / sound desk) entitled ‘turns’ which I’m sure I read somewhere arrives in a ridiculously limited edition of 100. Anyhow this nugget had us much in mind of a post Bickers House of Love, all subtle soft psych tones and that unerring sense of something bruised and broken yet gracefully intimate.  

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