we who are imagined….

another of those superb mix tapes cobbled together by black_ops has just recently landed ominously titled ‘we who are imagined’, this one opting for a blend of eerie disturbia (nurse predator immediately calling to mind along with the lo-frequency noise squiggles of the aptly named shiver) and dream drifting ambience, the latter of which none more so perfectly exemplified than on Geneva Skeen’s quite enchanting choral pulsar ‘ambivalence’. Elsewhere matters take on more chill toned spine tingling turn care of master wilburn burchette’s ‘deep dimensions’ whose strangely unreal detachment had us much in mind of Stylus’ ‘last seaweed collecting hut…..’  set from many years ago while staying with the tension setting mood ouvala’s ‘the creature at bay’ may well have some of you choosing to sleep with the lights on for the next few nights. Those in the mood for a spot of celestial euphoria might do well to tune your ears to Emra Grid’s bitter sweetly forlorn ‘an old procedure’ while old friends hole house emerge from the other side of the veil with a track featured, and dare I say much loved around these parts, entitled ‘when we haunted together’ (from the ‘saudade’ compilation) – incidentally the blighter still gives us night terrors.  https://www.mixcloud.com/black_ops/we-who-are-imagined/

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