dr who and the krotons

not quite sure whether this is a limited re-press or whether the label has managed to unearth a stash of boxes of it behind the sofa, left there no doubt when the back room boys fled at the thought onset of an alien invasion or worse still a door knocking candidate of the *Owen Smith / *Jeremy Corbyn (*delete where applicable) touting for leadership support (who said we couldn’t get topical). This nifty 10 inch set from Silva Screen features Brian Hodgson and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop doing spooked out things to terrify and traumatise 60’s children for Dr Who’s meeting with the Krotons. Hodgson of course was one of the leading sound architects of those classic timelord adventures, he gave voice to the Daleks, created the sound of the Tardis dematerialising and on hearing this collection of 24 tracks, appeared to have a fairly tuned in ear for the imagining atmospheres of strange worlds. In many respects an excellent companion piece to the Ochre released ‘tenth planet’ score from a decade or so ago, Hodgson allowed free reign to channel all manner of manipulated sound wizardry does it so with an eerie futuristic zeal – hums, whirrs, drones, pulsating chip boards and all manner of binary bleeps cloud the senses with an unerring sense of a cold, clinical and emotionless robotised emptiness, in fact on several occasions such where the chilling machine manipulations that we sweared we were listening to Mr Boom’s EAR. Those with a fondness for strange sounds, the treats are in abundance over on the flip where your headphones glow awash with string manipulations, tonal trickery and low end frequency pops, the collection also features the reworked opening theme from 1967 marking the arrival and tenure of the 2nd Doctor Patrick Houghton, in short it’s a pleasure to hear these sound scapes as stand alone entities, what chance of hearing say, Dudley Simpson and Malcolm Clarke’s score for ‘the daemons’ and ‘the  sea devils’ treated similarly so.     

Brian Hodgson, Delia Derbyshire, The BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Doctor Who: The Krotons

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