cousin silas

You might well remember us mentioning cousin silas way back in the midsts of time, two years ago in fact – we just checked – at the time we were rather smitten by a release just out on the we are all ghosts imprint entitled ‘the sound of silas’ which at the time we likened to those classically hued gems tripping out with enviable frequency from the hidden shoal and cathedral transmissions sound houses. Seems our Silas is a restless soul and loves nothing more than exploring new sound rooms so to speak, in as much as mixing up the styles. On this occasion 70’s kosmiche. Well if I where you, I’d find myself a quiet spot, far away from the maddening day crowd and free from distraction, don the headphones close thine eyes and prepare to fall into the airless voids of Cousin Silas’ superbly trance toned ‘berlin evenings’ – the title track from a new set just out via the we are all ghosts imprint. A nineteen-minute odyssey journeying into the deep recesses of the mind, indeed this is prime time brain food, its silken contours, symphonic grace and overall dream toned demur acts as were, as a rejuvenating refuelling point, for amid these vapour trailing dissipating choral drifts, a peacefully serene secret place awaits delicately tuned into the hulking sensurround sonic architecttures once piloted by Tangerine Dream, in short the finest we’ve heard since fruits de mer dropped several gems by a certain Craig Padilla.

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1 Response to cousin silas

  1. headphonaught says:

    Thank you for this … it means the world to know someone has really heard what Silas has created.

    Thomas @ weareallghosts

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