safir nou

How this little sleepy headed sweetie plays with your head, one minute there’s something so heartbreakingly bruised and distressed as it sighs mournfully to a disconsolate chamber folk motif that you feel the urge to throw about its form the understanding arm of support, the next picks itself up and dusts itself down to waltz daintily to a sweetly adoring floral pageantry peppered lightly in a blossom toed free spirited innocence. This is the latest cutie from the la bel net label, its by shy eyed souls Safir Nou, the track to which we were a moment ago referring, the opening calling card ‘imaginary cloud’ from a new full length called ‘groundless’. Another release much deserving of a quiet moment, ‘groundless’ is exquisitely expressed in neo classical phrasings all intricately whittled and charmed in intimacy. However, its ‘blue dance’ that we suggest you turn your attention to, for a beautifully lilting courtship is at play between the caressing Autumnal textures and the undulating tumble of the delicately picked rustic ripples as they engage in affectionate play leaving timew for a little impish playfulness with the onset of the crookedly cute Soviet fused Francophile oompah of ‘puppet’s waltz’.

Groundless cover art

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