the early years

pushing the wow factor to near critical meltdown, there are times – rare occasions I’ll have you know, when things comes across our way where you think, bugger me this is gonna put some folk in retirement, its not as if ‘nocturne’ pushes the envelope any great distance, rathermore it hides the blighter from the chasing pack. Of course it sounds like Joy Division, but imagine Curtis n’ co loved up and psychedelically mainlining on vintage krautrock templates tripwired in bliss kissed 60’s shadow plays and lost in a mind evaporating cosmic moment whilst shoehorned into a studio with Hannett weirding up matters on the mixing desk and a host of specially invited players such as cabaret Voltaire, the Durutti’s, a few passing Throbbing Gristle’s and in the corner surrounded by banks of futuristic looking blinking lights and wires Jean Michel Jarre all coalescing into one hulking creative hive being transmitting wig flipped eye swirling kosmiche kaleidoscopia for a floppy fringed new world. Anyhow its by the Early Years returning earthbound after an 8-year head ttrip with a new double wax set ‘II’ through the ridiculously cool Sonic Cathedral imprint

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