mike gale and ilona V

Second up from battle worldwide Mike Gale and Ilona V, a somewhat stripped down version of Co-Pilgrim, both surely in need of no introductions here, the latter occasionally peppering these musings courtesy of releases via Bracken / Fruits de Mer in the past. ‘the white lady of hapsaalu’ – the lead track from their ‘dream pool’ full length is surrendered and smouldered in lost summers and woozed by a west coast sea breeze haloed in hushed harmonies, an as were lost pristine pop knee trembler echoing back to the classic time when releases tumbling out of the likes of the sarah, bus stop and summershine imprints had you hugging the transistor for dear life whilst fighting off the urge to swoon, utterly adorable. Alas no sound links – trust me we are working on it and the label.

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