mouth of God mix

Warms the heart hearing they came from the stars, I saw them – wonder whatever happened to them, they were at one time pretty much permanent featurexs on our turntable. Anyhow this is the latest mix tape / show cobbled together by Sir Real (geddit – Sir Real – surreal…..okay I give in…) for mouth of God, a two hour headphonic hit rammed to rafters with good grooves aplenty, among the tunes and indeed bands we’ll be making a note to check out closer in the near future – wintergaten, cloud becomes your hand, hackney colliery band, wave machines, these hidden hands and morgan delt – the latter of whom I suspect will be on our radar later this week – also these shoehorned amid a playlist of familiar favourites such as Scott, Gong, Ween, north sea radio orchestra, stereolab, die staat, sproatley smith and Revbjelde whose ‘brigantia lufian’ ix rightly getting more deserved airplay –  we suggest you seek out the album ‘for albion’ at your very earliest convenience.

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