Literally just arrived in the in box and so hot off the presses that we’ve smudged the email contents. This is a soon to be free to download single from the ever wonderful Cae Gwyn imprint (recordiau cae gwyn). Alas no sound links just yet, we will wrestle them from the label in time for its 14th October release, but this is ‘cloudy leftovers’ by palenco which by reference to the press release the label describe as ‘autumnal tinged’ – a comment which I must admit has somewhat been the cause of heated discussion in the Sunday Experience listening tent, not least because each time we’ve cranked up the sound player for another tasting then everywhere has been bathed in a cheery spring toned radiance. Mind you that might be down to the fact that there’s a certain whiff of the Go Betweens escaping from its grooves, albeit the Go Betweens headed up by a Lloyd Cole type doing Robert Lloyd impersonations whilst navigating their way through the Micro Disney back catalogue, which in our book is no bad thing, of course folk much admiring of the matinee label and say Hey Paulette will gravitate towards this like bees to bright flowers.  

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