sun dial

many thanks to Dave / Sula Bassana for getting in touch (following our mentioning of a sneal preview cut from a set about to emerge on the highly fancied Deep Distance imprint) about the ultra hip psychedelic sound house that is Sulatron records which he runs. Between you and me we’ve been long time admirers of the label and so while we were here thought it might be a good idea to sample some of their wares. It strikes us a little odd as to how Sun Dial haven’t quite found themselves orbiting near the fruits de mer extended family thus far for ‘regenerator’ really does come possessed of the kind of mind fracturing dream dizzying stoner psych grooving much in evidence on platters bearing the name Sendelica with these dudes opting for a sonic trajectory that all at once flips, trips and rips minds with its smoking arabesque kosmiche, reference wise imagine the more beatnik-y fried and transcendental tonings of the Ozric Tentacles back catalogue with just a smidgeon of Blue Cheer for added karma.

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