nadi como

I heartily recommend that you don the head phones for this if only to experience the full sensory effect of its terraforming head trip, this folks, is the latest from Nadi Como of whom we have absolutely no info about except to say she resides in Los Angeles. ‘Aller me’ is a curiously detached affair, what first sounds like some darkly chilled early career template dragged into the light for a vault digging appraisal of Front 242 soon begins to manifest into something somewhat fractured and macabre to icily peer from the shadows of a Cobra Killer / Miss Kittin collective nightmare before unravelling and fraying into a wiring peak of psychosis disturbia.

that said contrast that with this and what becomes apparent is a considerable and unerring talent with a thing for playing with your headspace and having your expectations firmly rooted on a teetering back dfoot, for ‘the travellers code’ is as seductive as ‘aller me’ is sinister. This utterly enchanting ghost light comes traced in a frail sepia scratched yearn trimmed in noir tonalities pressed upon an elegantly bruised and breathlessly quiet grand framing whose impacting emotional hit is kissed with a sultry spectral sophistication thats softly surrendering and irrefutably captivating.  


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