the honey pot

From out of the ashes of Bracken records there came Fruits de Mer, from humble beginnings and the patronage of those keen eared souls scouting the undergrounds backwaters for happening sounds, the label has over the ensuing 8 years forged an enviable reputation that has seen it likened to the most cherished labels of a fading yesteryear – vertigo, brain, charisma et al, stubbornly vinyl from back in the days when most where still sniffy as to its image / practicality and selling point, the label has over time become something of a record collectors wet dream with strictly scarce variations heading out in all strange though attractively eye catching formats – tapes, flexis, box sets featuring test tubes, walkmans, misspressed vinyl colours, lathes, scarfs, buses, badges, postcards and the legendary subscribers freebies and festival goodie bags – have all served to heighten the reputation of this advancing cottage industry. Such is the publics fondness for the label there’s now a friends of the fish off shoot for bands frequenting into their sonic spectrum, a label endorced by Keith and Co yet run separately under its bigger siblings wing. And so after all these years, the label final reaches an acclaimed landmark – its 100th release. This celebrated 100th release is a bunting festooning family affair centred around Mega Dodo’s acclaimed the Honey Pot, it features a gathering of fruits de mer friends in party attendance – some of those here – Anton Barbeau, Nick Soloman, Judy Dyble, a few faces from July, the Pretty Things, the electric prunes all specially invited to hone their uniquely eccentric craft to the grooves of this very special double wax outing entitled ‘ascending scales’. In advance of this auspicious occasion, Fruits de Mer have issued an ultra limited two track preview CD that gives fair warning of the psychedelic potency to come, featuring Anton Barbeau on guest lead vocals, a cover of Dublin psychedelicists Orange Machine’s lost 1969 nugget ‘dr crippen’s waiting room’ – here adored in a sun peeling hazey drenching of kaleidoscopic showers and mind re-arranging wah wah swirls all possessed of a tripping English eccentricity upon which our ears do detect the frequenting of murmurs of Irma tonalities – always a good thing in our book. Over to the flip, a tripped out dose of dubbed up mind morphing magick eye mysticism courtesy of ‘time machine’, originally by Stray this mellowing visitation features Mr Saloman on lead guitar duties doing wonderfully tripped out mosaics in a Traffic psychedelic style.


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