kate bush -live album…..

Due for release as November falls via fish people, something that promises to be an audio phonic delight, a mammoth set spread across three CD’s and four wax discs featuring a live recording of Kate Bush from her acclaimed award winning residency at London’s Hammersmith Apollo in 2014. ‘before the dawn’ provides a very special sonic document of an eclectic artist who many have been compared but none have neither matched let alone bettered. Across five decades, Ms Bush has enchanted, allured, bewitched and held the chasing pack beneath her spell. Not one to follow the pop parade, Bush has crafted a hermetically sealed creative world whose seamless palette has been drawn from a tailored spectrum of disciplines that extend beyond music and into the choreographic flight of dance, drama, literature, nature and the frailty of mankind, upon this intimate canvas are weaved fleetingly revealing moments of her personality. This live document, as said spread across 3 cd’s and 4 slabs of vinyl, centres around both the monumental suites ‘the ninth wave’ and ‘a sky of honey’ – a teaser taster of ‘prologue’ – taken from the latter is featured here. The album was mixed and produced by Ms Bush herself with no added overdubs or re-recordings. http://katebush.com/news/kate-release-live-album-dawn 

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