I’m feeling that you fancy some head warping hairy psychedelia, so with that in mind let us introduce you tto the latest happening thang flying out of the hallowed 20th birthday celebrating turf of the mighty bad afro imprint. So let’s get the getting to know you gubbins out of the way – viewers – Narcosatanicos, Narcosatanicos – viewers – ‘vile’ be the name of this howling stoned out bad juju juggernaut, a wiring cauldron of cacophonous arabesque cool gouged by a mind frying skin peeling grooving lost in the hallucinogenic fog of an unholy 60’s occultist ceremony, all at once brutal and about you like a contagion up close and uncomfortably personal, comes ripped from a new full length ‘body cults’ destined for bad things this November.

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