Scheduled to crash land on a passing comet, Rosetta’s 14-year space mission comes to a close early tomorrow morning (GMT). The craft along with its partner Philae set out in 2004, its mission statement to study comets and in so doing achieve a greater understanding as to the origins of the universe. Its mission now complete, to mark its achievement and act, somewhat as a memorial, Vangelis was invited to write a score marking its legend. A double album set, ‘rosetta’ is Vangelis’ homage to this feat of mankinds desire for knowledge, as it hints on the tin ‘rosetta’s waltz’ is a lushly toned and captivating symphonic Wurlitzer, a lonesome orbital serenading a courtship between rosetta and comet 67p, a majestic, a panoramic and just a tad, tearfully touching finale.


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