akiha den den

Plenty of Akiha Den Den creepiness over the weekend with the appearance on our eerie earphones of the second instalmemnt of their vintage haunting radio play, however for those subscribing to this terrorphonic creative project spearheaded by Neil Cargill and Simon James get the opportunity to receive additional ‘easter eggs’ in the form of clues, script reveals, additional narratives and like this, stand alone musical sequences prepared by Mr James and featured in the broadcasts. ‘there are others’ initially aired in episode 1 of this fortnightly transmission is, an as were, ghost light emerging from a monochrome TV set, a gorgeous magic lantern mosaic graced in the celestial pastorals of a youthful fortdax and somewhat reconfigure and fused by mesmeric murmur tones by palace of swords. https://soundcloud.com/user-872475453/bonus-ost-there-are-others

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