the wedding present

Alas no pledge option to have the Gedge and his Wedding Present compatriots come around to your gaff for a cup of tea and a slice of cake followed by a live rendition of the album from a room of your choice, we have a small space under the stairs that we are busy redecorating on the off chance. This December, via hatch records, sees the release of ‘marc riley sessions – volume 1’ – a gathering of three BBC sessions – 2008, 2009 and 2010 – in case your taking notes, all pressed upon vinyl and CD and all echoing in the finest tradition of Peel and Selwood’s ‘strange fruit’ collection. These sets recorded for the award winning onetime one half of the finest double act to appear on radio since FM and the station jumping transistor dial – see the Radio 5 now BBC6 music classic tomfoolery and quality sound resource Hit the North and the anarchic radio 1 aired while everyone was in bed Graveyard Shift with Mark Radcliffe, feature a host of nuggets such as a cover version of ‘cheers’, ‘everyone thinks he looks daft’, ‘brassneck’ and the quite literally jaw flooring ‘heather’. The latter featured below belying that classic Gedge trait for the craft of cobbling succinctly the stinging, the emotional paralysis and the open sores of relationship break ups

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