i,symptom and john 3:16

before we get to more pressing matters later in the week, that being a review of John 3:16’s currently available collaboration with Mark Harris for little crack’d rabbits, this is another pairing currently doing the rounds. ‘am I nobody’ finds him sharing sound space with I. symptom, a beautifully hollowing mysterio whose ghostly intimacy is bitter sweetly fractured upon the age old question of purpose and importance in terms of our individual role in the grander scheme of life, the universe and everything as well as the residual memories we leave when we pass on. Indeed a morosely grim subject to swallow but done with such affecting measure not to mention, served with such fragile cosmic allure as to find it sonically setting its stall in alignment upon the outer edges of the more sparsely toned and reflective spectrum of Edward Ka-Spel’s extensive back catalogue whereupon it comes fused to the mercurial palette of a youthfully enquiring Porcupine Tree mindset.

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