Strictly limited to just 50 copies and heading out of Makina books, a rather special though strangely disquieting oddity from Middex. With a brace of classic outings for Polytechnic Youth under the belt, this latest – a two track C10 cassette accompanied by a 48-page saddle stitched booklet, finds these chill wave obliquers stripping away their trademark stark dystopian groove for something (‘invasion softener’) that’s immersed in the kind of micro sonic spheres of roadside picnic by way of the utilising and fusing of found narratives and the ice formed ominous layering of monochromed radiophonic manipulations which all coalesce to give it a decidedly old worldly vintage sci-fi terrorphonia not unlike, if truth be told, mount Vernon arts lab / quatermass. Similarly toned in detachment is ‘shattered by the night’ whose minimalist dub etchings and sense of disconnection might well have some of you reaching for your prized copies of Southall Riot and Ansuz Linasa’s ‘sunhead’ collaboration for curious comparison.     




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