grey malkin mix for santa sangre

Well be honest, it was never going to be anything if it wasn’t magical. As the bite of Autumn threatens to snap the summers extended residency, Grey Malkin welcomes in the hibernatory season with a most alluring mix tape that transports you to lands of enchantment thought only existing in legend and folklore, a secret place of heraldry, mystery and wizardry, a wonderful sonic alchemy of lush symphonia, fantasia orchestrations and floral folk follies. Among this treasure trove harvesting a few discoveries have been noted for further investigation not least Anita Lane and Anna von Hausswolff while Lubos Fiser’s whose score for ‘the Valerie and her week of wonders’ I must have admit never previous having heard though based on the evidence of the gloriously baroque sounding ‘the magic yard’ you can be rest assured its firmly on the listening list now. Add in some familiar faces – mellow candle, mary Hopkin, coil, the frankly immaculate Walker Brothers, the legendary pink dots, goblin – incidentally with the superb ‘suspiria’, fairport convention, George auric and the must hear ‘do you choose to forget’ by Charles vaughan and you have a most tantalising aural accompiement for your autumnal adventure.

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