bureau b’s…..

Several new things about to descend from the beloved bureau b sound factory, first of which being a set from Adelbert Von Deyen entitled ‘sternzelt’ – alas only snippets for now, this release originally emerged way back in 1978 via the legendary Sky imprint, listening all these years on it still sounds very much ahead of the curve, a masterclass in minimalist sustain the first part of which sounding not unlike some sea front somewhat hermetically sealed in a bubble and left to orbit side B of Jean Michel Jarre’s ‘Oxygene’ with the second half surveying the hypno grooved kosmiche psychedelics of Sonic Boom’s EAR explorations. https://soundcloud.com/bureau-1/adelbert-von-deyen-sternzeit-snippets-out-oct-7-2106

the sixth instalment of Bureau B’s hugely acclaimed ‘kollektion’ series sees John McEntire rummaging through the archives selecting lost moments and familiar favourites in what is essentially a homage to the unsung electronic visionaries Cluster. https://soundcloud.com/bureau-1/cluster-compiled-by-john-mcentire-kollektion-6-snippets-out-nov-25-2016

second instalment of bureau b’s forward thinking collaborative series ‘con-struct’ finds Schneider TM invited to sample the vast archive of sound finds left by the late Conrad Schnitzler – again only snippets yet a musical expression viewed through the prism of worlds more readily occupied at one time by the likes of Tristram Cary and the Barron’s – Louis and Bebe, its all remote, isolated logick sonics – strangely eerie yet rather than being somewhat future telling all rathermore peaking inwardly into the vast dream pools of the sub sconsciousness. https://soundcloud.com/bureau-1/schnitzlerschneider-tm-con-struct-snippets

finally, for now at least, all things being well schedule wise, there’ll be a fuller mention of this over the weekend or just a little thereafter. If I’m being honest the latest from Automat has been smoking our turntable since appearing in ear view these last few days. ‘OstWest’ presents a more rounded, smoother, slicker and sophisticated side to the Automat persona. Still bathed in the familiar tropes of their previous brace of full lengths – 2014’s self titled debut and last years quite remarkable ‘plusminus’ – there’s a more coolly coalesced nocturnal vibe prowling throughout rhythmically smooth visitation. https://soundcloud.com/bureau-1/sets/automat-ostwest-album-snippets

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