TVAM and other Static Caravan news..

The Static Caravan sound shed of cool is due to go into overdrive shortly with word reaching us that platters from Grantby and the Memory Band are soon to be swooning the listening space on our turntable not to mention that much tooted split release with Static Caravan – news about that in a second.

For now though, Static newcomer TVAM has been spotted lending his craft to souping up several of the undergrounds brightest and cutest – with his rephrasing of Fews ‘ten things’ audaciously heading into ‘peace sword’ era Flaming Lips terrains.

Somewhere else Amber Arcades’ ‘turning light’ is tripwired with a gorgeously star hugged motorik motif of the kind that repeat exposure to may well lead to heads becoming permanently expanded.

As to the Fruits de Mer split – a 500 only 4 track killer thing – the Fruits dudes bring along Jack Ellister and the Insektlife Cycle for the jaunt, while parading in the Static corner the near perfect Art of the Memory Palace and the missing in action of late Cheval Sombre – details of the event be here –   

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