…and this is me

Time for a little light relief, a curio high on our wants list is a particularly kooky CD being put out by Croydon Municipal, its name ‘and this is me’. As said a kooky curio that gathers together some 24 tracks recorded and released at some distant point in the past by people more commonly known on both the big and small screen. ‘britain’s finest thespians sing’ to give its full title should give fair warning as to where this is coming from, I’m guessing something strictly for the completists, it features selections from Oliver Reed, Ian Carmichael, Phillip Lowrie, Ian McShane, Stanley Unwin, Sid James with Liz Fraser and a whole host of household names mainly from the 50’s / 60’s comedy circuit – call it punishment or guilty pleasures here’s a sample of the strange goings on you’ll find amid the grooves, the Terry Thomas cut is – I’ll warn you now – a challenge……

Terry Thomas

Harry H Corbett

Roy Castle

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