the inconsistent jukebox feat. possimiste

More inconsistent jukebox incoming, this cute thing is currently being prepped as a Christmas single, a cover of an old Transvision Vamp top 3 back in the days when pop music still twinkled before its death came at the hand of Simon Cowell and from an age when getting into the top 40 still required the selling of singles to the factor of four figures and not four people as it appears to be the case these days. It finds possimiste aiding and abetting in taking the exuberant sting from out of the original and in its place slowing matters to a sweetly alluring murmur, the chirping strings – very Spector, the golden pop age glow and the softly swooned tip toeing lightness give it a vintage festive sigh that’s no doubt modelled on Doris Day, strange thing is that each and everytime we’ve played it, I swear its started snowing.     

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