andrew liles vs. slayer

Andrew Liles returns with another celebratory anniversary mix. Now most are happy to settle with a simple well it’s the 30th anniversary since the release of this that or the other, then taking it upon themselves to do an in depth special as to which studio toilet the band used during the recording, record companies delight in repackaging said releases either by way of remastering or stripping it down, or imagining it heard from a different studio, perhaps from across the road and muddying up the spectacle by including tracks so bad they were deliberately buried and hoped lost for good by the band back in the day. Not Mr Liles, following similar doffing of caps to both Black Sabbath and the Beatles, a 45-minute celebrating 45 years of the former’s debut and a homage to the Beatles’ wherein he stretched ‘tomorrow never knows’ into a full on 50 minute head trip in celebration of ‘revolver’s’ 50 the anniversary – Mr Liles has now set sights on the mighty Slayer whose ‘reign of blood’ reaches 30 and gets treated – well ‘angel of death’ does – to an apocalyptic head butting cranium caning 30 minute aural assault, plenty o’ time methinks to grow thy hair and practice the air guitaring gurning until your fingers fall off that is.

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