the magnetic north

Orbiting the very outer edges of a sound spectrum populated by the likes of the eccentronic research council and the extended family lines of both a year in the country and ghost box are the Magnetic North – a collective featuring ex Verve man Simon Tong, Hannah Peel and Gawain Erland Cooper. Between them the collective have perhaps crafted the years most socially aware set with the release of ‘prospect of Skelmersdale’. In the main a fond nostalgic trip by the hand back to an era of hope, idealism both social and political and most importantly, the utopian dream. Skelmersdale a new town project that failed, refound itself and has since been largely forgotten by the planners who designated it a blueprint for future living. From that set this is the beautifully bitter sweet ‘signs’ – an at times mournful yearn peeling away at the years and historical significance of this once planners dream with the sighing harmonies, the airy rustic brushstrokes, the sliding riff opines and the skipping string arrangements daintily dream weaving a musical phrasing both heavenly and homely whilst breathlessly adored and allured in a pastoral tweaked hymnal caress that to these ears has all the classicism and craft of a youthfully mellowing Tunng.

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