pye corner audio

Currently receiving deserved acclaim for the recently released ‘Stasis’ full length via ghost box, restless souls that they are, pye corner audio have just dropped two hulking cosmic odysseys as part of death waltz’s ‘originals’ series. Navigating its way through your prized stash of apocalyptic cult VHS viewing ‘Stars shine like eyes’ sublimely morphs, terraforms and shape shifts through a fleeting cosmic cocktail of sci-fi-tronic futureworld soundtracks with Carpenter references at its hub, darkly drawn and prowling the cinematic shadows, PCA meticulously plays with your emotions tugging and turning them like a puppeteer one-minute crafting tense toned sinister mosaics the next slickly freefalling into romantic bitter sweet mirages all the time purred to the ominously isolationist pulse of motorik murmurs equipped with Zombi plates. For us though its on ‘Quasar II’ wherein PCA’s creative maturity comes into full view, the application and use of both space and texture exquisite and the sonic symettery and streamlined effects exceptional all traced to a noir club land aesthetic this slickly executed love note is dreamily rubbed in a nocturnal framing, class in short.          

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