vital weekly #1052

We’ve made a promise to ourselves to feature these blighters each and every time they appear, the much missed and somewhat overlooked Vital weekly mixcloud selection is a damn fine handy way of tuning your ear lobes into the latest happening essential sounds and issue / broadcast #1052 is no slouch in the wants list making stakes. Thirty minutes of quality tuneage from labels and artists alike who’ve somehow fallen out of sight of our normally acutely attentive radar, one such being Gareth Dickson whose been oft compared to Nick Drake in terms of his sparse deftness of touch and ability to eke out such lush dream like tones therein something that becomes apparent on the wonderfully wounded and remote ‘snag with the language’ which by our reckoning will have the Second Language subscribers all of a swoon. Another previously unknown to us, Kim Myrh serves up the disorienting glacial dream mirage that is ‘o horizon’ all shimmering textures and woozy spectrals who strangely ghost like soft psyche reverberations put us much in mind of Loren Connors. Appealing one imagines, to old school Radio 3 Mixing It fans, Michael Chion’s ‘crayonnes ferroviaires’ is a curiously kooky tape manipulated cut up collage of trains and various found sounds, stark and decidedly out there, if not distractively deranged and dislocated, it puzzles and unsettles due it refusal to set itself into any kind of pattern so to leaving you constantly on the back foot with its lulls and bursts into hyper activity. Next up a collaborative head to head file sharing oddity from Matthew Atkins and Harvey Sharman Dunn entitled ‘quiet buildings pt2’ – again another minimalist glitch manipulation set utilising low end / high end sound progressions replete with eerily serene binary flotillas. Up next Kasel Jaeger this small portion being part of a longer extended suite entitled ‘onden’ beneath who ominous drone tiny fractures lie buried deep within which upon closer listening reveal a hive of activity populated by miniature sound worlds which bleeds perfectly into orphax’s curious remote and dare we say apocaltyptic drone mirage ‘music for thai ngoc’. Gintas K on the other hand is somewhat more playful with ‘tas’ thawing beautifully from a frost kissed sleepy headed slumber into a vibrantly hustling bustling shimmertone before returning to rest which neatly leads to ‘sol azur’ by celer – a wonderfully if not a tad melancholic slice of cavernous sounding silvery ambi-drone all poised and daintily majestic. By far the kookiest cut on this playlist must surely go to Steve Roden’s peculiarly addictive ‘animus pus’ quite what’s going on is anyone’s guess but those loving the more out rthere surrealist pop tones found on the ever admired bearsuit records might find much to adore while those of a certain vintage might well view Sebastian Roux’s ‘adagio ma non troppo’ as a woodcrafted chamber folk apparition looking for an old 70’s styled eastern European animation to backdrop – we suggest that admirers of La STOP seek out at their earliest convenience.



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