j simon

High time I think for some Cardinal Fuzz groove because, well its been a while and anyway their latest is a full on head trip pill. From J Simon of Dead Meadow this is ‘wheels will spin’ from a forthcoming coloured wax set entitled ‘familiar haunts’, a sometimes gruff grooved 10-minute shape shifting prowler that manages to reveal beneath its fraying and faded dust caked multi coloured overcoat scavenged husks of primitive blues bones, psych folk spirituals drawn from misty mountain hideaways and dryly brittle contract manuscripts scratched in blood at fabled crossroads points. The sounds navigating the points of the psychedelic dial are loosely cooled in a shade adorned haziness that crookedly sways to a blues swing tripping to moments of stoned beatnik smokiness to wiring trip-a-delic freak outs. Far out. https://soundcloud.com/cardinaldistro/jsimon-wheels-will-spin-familiar-haunts

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