the mortlake bookclub

Mentioned briefly in dispatches a little while back here ‘exquisite corpse’ is the debut gathering from folk known only the mortlake book club, sound alchemists exchanging musical notations in secret hideaways veiled beneath the safe cover of night. The first fruits of these hushed gatherings with the blessing and guidance of reverb worship has been pressed up on CD to be issued in a strictly limited outing of just 50 numbered copies. Upon these discs sit four errie overtures ‘the sexton’s dream’ opens the account, a haunting fog bound drone mirage amid who mystic mists reflections of past impressions of rustic folk posies replay upon an endless loop momentarily occasioned by the doomy chill shrilled gong of a church bell, very remote and somewhat ghosted by the macabre melodics of Brit horror ‘blood on Satan’s claw’. Chilled in much the same remote unease ‘live deliciously’ emerges like an apocalyptic herald sent ahead to warn civilisation of the onset of the revelations scriptures – an eerie calm before some celestial storm. We mentioned ‘exquisite corpse’ in the aforementioned previous citations – still sounds bitter sweetly torn yet quietly majestic and melancholic as the sighing strings wallow at the fading vision that was once this as the stars slowly begin to go out. Bringing up the rear is ‘the trial of Margaret brown’ exerts a bleakly foreboding ghost light haze upon the listening space, it hollowing resonance not unlike the sounds emanating from the out there ‘stone tape’ spectrums of both Roadside Picnic and the Revenant Sea all the time stilled in silvery shimmer toning radiophonic echoes.   

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