grey guides

Now this well might out weird even those impish chaps the truth about frank in terms of sonic hi-jinks that messes with your head, add to the fact that Dylan the house cat has scarpered off obviously somewhat less than enamoured to the ritualistic butchery afoot here – and things look promising on the annoying radar for this new thing by Grey Guides. From a forthcoming cassette – ridiculously limited – we’ll have to remember to order one – entitled ‘beast mask supremacist’ – this is ‘one eye lower than the other’ – a scalding slab of fright night freakiness whereupon a spot of sonic séancing appears to have gone awry and into the bargain let loose from the bowels of hell several tone deaf entities with more talons than courtesy for the standard verse chorus verse structure to shriek, scalp and scratch away fast at your withering wherewithal. This I hasten to add is for noise purists only and here we are talking Tayside mental health, sissy spacek and of course Justin Wiggan / Roadside Picnic, truly an unnerving and uneasy listening experience all squirelling tape manipulations, hissing howls, white noise terrorphonics and er – primitive chanting and something which we’d have to say and admire, features among the mayhem and melee some of the finest blood lusting wolf howls we’ve heard on a platter since UK Decay’s ‘rising from the dread’. Approach with due care.    

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