TheUse feat. rachel mason

Incoming on the ever out there and forward thinking Aagoo imprint, a new 7 inch from TheUse finds Mr Durek collaborating with a celebrated class of talent – Rachel Mason, Black Saturn, Charvak R. Jagtap and in spirit Xu Lizhi – across two sides of wax. The lead track ‘on my deathbed’ comes prefaced with a mournful back story, the lyrics from poetry left behind by Xu who brought the plight and the despairing existence of poorly paid Chinese electronics workers to global attention following his suicide. These words are touchingly turned by Rachel Mason into a mournful hymnal of hope which to the backdropping seductive electro pop shimmering of Durek are tenderly teased into an alluring slice of lunarised cosmic soul whose clubland noir shadow plays align themselves to the mercurial frosting of a youthful Eurythmics. Over on the flip the equally attractive ’journey of the truth’ sweetly orbits into vintage terrains whose minimalist electronic framing and playfully funky tech glitch recalls yellow magic orchestra albeit as though retooled and upgraded anew by tele:funken.


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