archiv – singled out 131

this is from way back in the day when my space was decent until some clown came along and buggered it up – this archive review originally posted on losingtoday in 2007 was rescued and dusted down from a redundant hard drive…….x

Singled Out

Missive 131


For Kelly and Mark


‘mumblings from the melodic maelstrom’


As promised another brief my space type special – singled out services resume in a day or two – for contact stuff see the tail end of this ramble…….. – mental and damn fine with it see missive 132 for full review. – Belfast based quartet – who so far remain unbelievably unsigned – who crafted out sweetly soothing melodically tender pop – sugar glazed harmonies and spectre like strings make these aching beauties twinkle and radiate shyly – ’give me time’ will break your resolve and your heart at three paces  though best of the bunch is without doubt the surrendering elegance of ’empty city’ – okay mainly fore those who didn’t take any notice last time of asking when we featured a mention for their current EP ‘Apocalypse disco’ – rip the stunning dark hearted Duran Duran-esque ‘hostage’ – an absolute killer single on the much loved Jezus Factory imprint – who funnily enough go like this….


And just in case you needed any further prods here’s the label that’s putting it out – the soon to be most crucial imprint on the scene – worth a peak just to rip lil’ lost lou’s ‘bad bad girl’ (jeez – can’t get enough of that harmonica) – elsewhere there’s the creature with the atom brain who sound not unlike…… – dirty grinding grizzled fuzzed up blues – think deep purple shimmying up to the melvins and kicking several shades out the zep – gnarled boogie from Belgium – bugger all info alas though we must admit being rather taken by ’not a sect’ which to these ears sounds like jaz killing joke taking charge at the steering wheel of ministry’s hotrod and making road kill out of bearded chart truckers zz top. Its mooted that there’s a whole album worth of this stuff around ready to terrorise a record rack near you shortly. – amazingly slushy sounding lunatic lounge / down tempo suites bulging with sci-fi and b-movie samples that lies somewhere between the finite line drawn between Trunk records and the Superimposers – all at once ghostly and enchanting especially the seductive Gerry Anderson inspired ‘the mysterons’ – pick off the bunch ‘flying saucer’ which aside being utterly beguiling and buckling with a sense of eerie mystery really does sound like its exited stage left during the final call for inclusion of Goldfrapp’s ’felt mountain’. Gorgeous – more please. – those of you with pretty long memories may well recall we featured an earlier release by this imprint in the shape of the unyielding the Sunburned Hand of the Man – purveyors of noise, drone and psyche core – their roster includes an enviable cast made up of Acid Mothers, Cotton Casino, Todd, Shit and Shine, Black Boned Angel and the Skull Defekts – the latter two of this list whose current limited release full lengths – ’eternal love / eternal hunger’ and ’the black hand’ we’ve just ordered so expect favourable reviews in the coming weeks – for now sample the track apiece here). Four cuts feature within – a shop window if you like as to what the label has on offer. Kawabata Makoto should really need no introduction (unless of course you’ve been holed up in a cave cut off from people, civilisation and electricity for the last two decades – or else you’ve just been listening to the wrong type of music – tut tut) – he is of course lead dude of the extremely prolific Acid Mothers collective found on this occasion teaming up with Argentine based guitarist Anla Courtis and fellow Jap Rokugenkin to craft out deeply engaging monolithic slabs of atmospherically arid ambience as though Roy Montgomery had jumped the godspeed chariot of doom laden grandeur. Elsewhere there’s Shit and shine who we had the pleasure of seeing a year or so ago who are – for want of a better description – a living dead version of Jesus and Mary Chain as the snippet found here suggests – shade wearing no nonsense pavement prising monotonously grinding psyche boogie – a slimmed down black angels if you like. – fast becoming our favourite label, Ireland’s Trensmat have emerged as one of the most crucial outlets of noise and drone around. Each release literally flies off the racks on pre-order alone alerting you to the trusted respect that this imprint has garnered in its brief life so far. Outing for the Telescopes, Area C, Magnetize and the mighty Mugstar have all served to raise its profile with recent releases coming pressed on ultra limited quantities of lathe cut 7”’s with accompanying CD’s for those heathens without turntables. Current release feature New York trio Heavy Winged (see review on the next singled out missive 132) who serve up a crunching freeform 16 minute colossus in the guise of ’on the marble cliffs’ as well as a thirty five quick time video to accompany ‘feel inside’. Expect future mind expansive departures from Circle and the Telescopes. – one time regular features in these pages until we forgot to tell them we’d moved – check their website – send a large SAE get free records – can it be any simpler we wonder – still sitting on the fence then hook up to the Knockouts brass twang boogie ‘devil’s advocate’ – just no pleasing some people is there? – Norwegian label who to date have managed to escape our ever vigilante radar and of whom have released a clutch of what sounds like top notch nuggets including a brace by the Indelicates (see next missive for a review of their ’julia, we don’t live in the 60’s’) – here you’ll find the cut ’n’ thrust powerised post punk pop of Remodel who do a neat like in C-81 stylising on ‘British racing green’ though in our opinion check out the superior Stranglers like ’formula’ on their myspace site at – elsewhere Joe Rybicki a resident of Manchester does treats aplenty on the the ridiculously airy and flirty sugar pop of ‘girl no trouble’ – check out the rather smart ‘Cool for Cats’ intro. Last but by no means least My Name is Red court with the ravaged, apocalyptic grizzled sound of wiring austere threaded guitar / electronics – menacingly cold and aloof shade wearing botty kicking pop that has a disturbing knack of fizzing and festering up into sonic storms of slickly drawn skinny jeaned boogie. – absolutely gorgeous to the point it flawed us when we first heard these tracks – sophisticated, grand wide screened uber electro pop that courts with the noire-ish grandeur of Shakespeare’s Sister, the charismatic chill of Massive Attack and the more pop aware acts of that early 90’s Bristol scene, the ethereal elegance of Heather Duby with the resulting mix kneaded, baked and left to mature in the mercurial hands of the early career vision of the Knife. Stately electro pop crafted with impeccable precision all at once warmly romantic, laden with desire and longing yet achingly detached like an untouchable object of refined and rare beauty, Ms Berg crafts lilting vivid colourfully portraits of scene stealing exquisiteness that have the unnerving ability to crush, caress and cuckold in the blink of eye lid – rip the playfully beguiling ‘not alone’ – an album ‘when I was a young child’ is about awaiting adoption to caring hi-fi’s. – we were going to comment about how much it reminded us of Pop Levy in the way he manages to eke out classic slices of 60’s radio friendly pop – albeit it has to be admitted – with a certain amount of tongue in cheek – well that’s we took away from the two opening cuts ‘denaissance man’ and ‘I am in control’ which to be perfectly honest sound like the late Lee Hazlewood doing Leonard Cohen impersonations and taking the Walker Brothers along for the ride with the specific mandates ‘look ya bastards non of that huge symphonic pop malarkey’. The Matthew as in project in question is none other than Matt Cortez who apart from fronting Cortez (like obviously) has a very special place in our heart for being responsible for turning out the rather gorgeous and criminally overlooked ‘68 comeback’ by Crest a few years back, when he finds the time he also runs NRONE records as well as appearing as one half of 2 Hot 2 Sweat (see next). Elsewhere here you’ll find ‘swamp’ which is everything you’d imagine from a track thus called – think Flaming Stars swapping blows in the studio with Gallon Drunk while ‘the M23 revisited’ is a nose bloodying dustily drawn vintage styled spot of primitive preacher blues with just more than a passing nod to the mighty Reverend Horton Heat. – not content with Cortez, running NRONE records and being in the matthew project – Matt Leuw (see above) can be found shimmying up to Mia Lane for what is perhaps to be considered by long standing fans as his most off the wall project to date. Strangely bent out of shape electronic candy pop is I suppose the easiest way to describe the overall charm of these four tracks, ‘theme song’ in particular is one of those kind of cuts that insidiously works its way beneath your skin – a kind of evil Dollar for people who sleep by day and party all night with Cobra Killer overtones, elsewhere there’s the frenetic, wired and buckling ‘your place or mine’ a galloping unrelenting beat pop head charge rammed at pace by what appears to be BiS having had the sh*t kicked out of them by a particularly venomous Shonen Knife. ‘bleach my bitch’ is worrying – best left like that then while best of the set ‘microscamp’ is a devilish slice of perky uber cool f*ck you pop flanked with a discernible 60’s garage punk kick – the Shaggs on steroids perhaps? A debut single is looming on the horizon.


 – okay those with more than a passing interest with these ramblings will be all to aware of our passing love for heat from a dead star – the band responsible for titanic sonic structures and a band whom we owe a small apology to having just discovered their last EP tucked away in a pile of CD’s and one which we swear we had reviewed. So that the stupidity factor out of the way. Now fully signed up to Boston’s Ace of Hearts imprint and in the studio prepping their debut full length – this site is dedicated to all the ensembles and musicians who during the course of the last few months have had a hand in remix duties of Heat material – namely ‘lighten our minds’ and ‘the lighthouse’. In many respects Heat from a Deadstar are a remixes dream to a certain extent – their layered textures give would be tinkerers a chance to ruminate and explore the sonic folds. Belgium’s Fear Falls Burning are a case in point crafting out monolithic slabs of doom laden reverberating slabs of eerie drone that to these ears recall in part the type of edgily gritty codas that graced Growing’s uncompromising debut full length for Cranky a few years back. Jap trio Fuzzass (great name) shroud there allotted time sheens of lunatic dub grooves threaded by ether driving heavenly harmonies and all manner of trippiness while space head trippers Time Space Repeat (whose album we’ve had for a while – still without review – because its so f*cking good we can’t prize ourselves away from it) whack up the fuzz pedals to stun incorporate a seriously bleak and withering post punk underpin with some moments of 60’s styled fluorescence a la John McGeoch for a spot of warp factor star hopping. – heat from a dead star also appear on a dinky compilation that comes adorned the times of grace fanzine which we will do our level best to secure a copy of for future review – looks well smart is all we can say. – another promoter type thing we suspect – it came from japan on whose site you’ll hear the cutesy B-52’s ‘rock lobster’ meets Tom Tom Club candy pop sounds as though rewired by Cobra Killer of ‘kk introduction’ featuring er – Kyoko (again – see previously or later – can’t recall). Via the same site you can rip the rather tasty Levelload who featured in these very pages many moons ago and then forgot about us – oh well – nice to hear that they are still churning out turntable terrorising grooves at the drop of a hat while Tokyo pinsalocks really are disturbingly catchy with their dinky wide eyed brand of contagious candy pop. – absolutely no info about these except to say they are scattered between Berlin, Bermuda and New York and between themselves craft out tasty montages of laid back resonance brought to bear by delicately drawn pastoral tipped acoustics, delightfully serene willowy dream pop best served by finding an idyllic spot – lying down and watching the world just fade into oblivion. Rip ‘on the internet’



And from the soothing to the simply sublime – – Japanese duo Lena and Takeshi craft sophisticated drama chamber electronics the like of which that flatten you with their becoming beauty – ‘love letter’ could conceivably be one of the most beautiful things we’ve heard all year, mid swells of Bristollian noire-ish landscapes arced and braided with the breathless sensuality of Kate Bush-esque vocals all set amid an alluring aural landscapes measured and ethereally elegant that softly draw you in – for your part your powerless to stop it as though spellbound – think Shortwave Sets vintage dusty glow piercing the glacial abandon of Goldfrapp’s ‘felt mountain’ with Massive Attack on hand to choreograph and interpret the teasing lovelorn chemistry. – curiously malleable though nonetheless unhinged and dislocated aural chaos featuring twisted rhythmic cycles, menacingly chattering beats, lashings of distortion and dinky melodic collages that sound like they are been torn, tortured and fed head first through some mechanical mincing machine – something certainly for fans of Atari Teenage Riot and lovers of Merzbow’s less frenzied assaults in fact not so dissimilar it has to be said to having a particular impish Add N to X rewiring the studio decks of pop off Tuesday to make them sound like a cross between the Radiophonic Workshop and a particularly out of it Raymond Scott concocting nightmarish montages for his infant lullabies – well that’s certainly the case on ’eroguro’ while our favourite ’birthdance’ is worrying to say the least – voodoo valves, unravelling psychosis, sinister gothic horror terrorism, edgy, detached and icicily gripping – certainly one to listened to with the lights on. Frankly we need more of this. – absolutely smoking – Randolph Hayes is the son of soul legend Isaac – and you think you have parental issues – imagining trying to live up to that. That said Randolph can more than hold his own as proven on these three lingering little nuggets of parched blues, ‘Suga mama’ sounds for all the world like its just been uncorked after being left for decades like a fine malt to mature while the delta-esque ‘the OJ song’ is a lazily drawn porch lit cutie found prowling and mooching in the glow of a sun setting prairie landscape. That said choice cut of the set – simply called ‘spiritual instrumental’ exudes a homely rich warmth to fill with a tingling inner fuzzy feeling. – one time member of the Scat Rag Boosters, Skip Jensen stumps up a quartet of gassed up garage beat babies that sound like they’ve fallen off the back of one of those ever frequent compilations of lost 60’s gems. Foot stomping bare boned primitive rock ‘n’ roll is what’s on offer, like a psyched up Carl Perkins, Jensen burns up the paving – there’s some neat slices of 60’s shade wearing psyche via ‘change my plan’ though or favourite is without doubt the reverb saturated primal dustily dead head fuzzed up blues of ‘on my trail’ invested without question with the spectre of Link Wray – uber cool. – home of Neil’s Children who if I recall rightly we mentioned on the last singled out my space special. Modern Pop records have to date given birth to three 7“’s – two of which it seems have flown off the racks and onto eBay (no doubt) – much to our grumbling – while the other – the forthcoming debut from Electricity in our Homes is by all accounts – well we sneaked a peak of the cut being showcased here and ’Group M’ is an uncompromising and fractured Cravats fronting out the Nightingales type of nifty racket.


And that is I’m afraid your lot for a day or two – as usual cheers for dropping by –

Anyhow take care of yourselves





Singled Out is a ‘our record shed fookin’ rocks’ production.


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