vital weekly mixlist #1053

ooh new vital weekly mix list, I’ll have some of tha. As ever the case oodles and oodles of releases by artists we’re thus far yet to stumble over who are currently lurking on the more esoteric parts of the vast sound spectrum all turned into a somewhat cosy toed 35-minute lullaby. At least that be the case with both Vetropaco and Tomotsugu Nakamura, the former a glitch hopula atmospheric flitting the cosmic micro groooved voids of techno sub space, reassuringly lulling and dreamy not to say, like something sneaked onto a Peel latter half playlist somewhere in the mid 90’s albeit often unnamed and played in part at the wrong speed. The latter a delicately intimate lovely entitled ‘grapefruit moon’ a snoozing igloo of sorts daintily sculptured from out of sonic ice one would imagine. Keeping the mood somewhat lulling and snoozy, Federico Durand serves up ‘mariposas nocturnas’ a sweetly murmured crystal tipped twinkling chime box rather affectionate to, to boot. Next up Mark Vernon’s ‘print through (may all your prayers be answered)’ offers a disquieting change in mood and vibe, sourced from a find of reel to reel tapes featuring conversations, field recordings and other such like, Vernon builds around these sonic echoes a musical framing that patiently accentuated the emotions within, this one as it happens coming gloomed in dread draped shadows and mourning drones. Someone else previously unknown to us, getting embarrassing all this, is doc wor mirran whose ‘self portrait as a golden boy’ superbly rambles hypnotically along the edges of woozing psych folk – in fact the ensemble feature again further along the schedules with a curiously off balancing soundscape that marries looped grooved industrial activity with afrobeat rhythmic hypnosis while in sharp contrast the sparsely toned micro worlds as explored by the aptly named vapor lanes whose ‘locating’ inhabits terrains sonically studied under microscopic means. Must admit to being mildly taken by Strom’s busy ‘generator’ – a frenetically squirelling jazz glitch gem which had us not only much minded of those early split series releases by Fat Cat but also for the fact that it provides the kind of sore thumb that those much missed Mixing It dudes would have pontificated at length about while enthusiastically scratching chins. Up next Angus Carlyle with the quite serene back to nature tranquillity of ‘acqua verde’ is as the title might give hint, field recordings of flowing water and little else – quite curious. Equally strange is bruital orgasme’s ‘transhumance’ – again something for you minimalist noise obsessives especially if your boat floating happens to be the processed sounds of hums, clicks, whirrs and the occasionally primordial groan which leads perfectly to ottoven who, if ears are not quite as adjusted as we’d like, appears to have a thing for locomotive rhythms.    

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