radio prin #1

Related to Vukovar are the Bordellos whose new album ‘how to lose friends….’ is currently basking in quiet acclaim among the blogosphere and various mix cloud universes, so while we clear the decks and prep it for weekend review you can grab an earful of ‘gary glitter’ – lifted from the aforementioned set which finds itself featured on the first mix list happening from recordiau prin who after a lay off appear to be readying themselves for some release activity shortly with this superbly wiring playlist serving as both a showcase and an indicator as to where their collective headspace is currently located. Anyhow you don’t need telling you that the Bordellos are something of regular visitors around these here parts with ‘Gary Glitter’ somewhat daring to tackle the thorny issue of fallen idols and the bleakening thought of guilt by association, wonderfully shambolic and typically cutting, stoner glam served and sown with disquieting seediness. Keeping thing schizoid and wired, there’s no doubting that the Doo Dooettes have at one time or another spent the occasional evening wiled away listening to Daniel Johnston for ‘baby’ is lovably all over the shop and just a tad bit deranged in a slightly fragmenting way. Next up tremolo ghosts’ ‘bleaching fields’ is a gorgeously rustic sprayed cutie which effect wise isn’t as far from the sonic universe inhabited by Nick Nicely as one would first imagine. And can I ask, is it just me who gets flashes of the Fast Show when ‘egg mombasa’ by the Shadow Ring whirrs oddly into view, we need to be told. Admired around these here parts, his new one is being primed for listening later today, Pulco’s ‘bookworm’ had us much recalling the sadly missing in action of late Tex la Homa in so much as being possessed of that same casual cool and ability to weave such sheer pristine pop candy from out of the barest of ingredients. Next up two ensembles which quite frankly ought to feature more in your daily listening intake, lemon kittens where, to put it bluntly, just out there, four decades on and ‘(afraid of being) bled by leeches’ still puts you in a dark place where in truth you’d rather not be, its that macabre countering of the light airy folk flurries contrasted against the darkly cowering prose that chills. Datblygu – what can we say, the finest that Wales has to offer, sore thumbs who cleverly manage to sound both outside of time and fashion, strangely enough always occurring to me like this heat under the crafted influence of a way out and envelope pushing wire. Having heard ‘little key’ by tapes and tubes I’m now off in search of the album ‘retroactive’ such is the degree of adoration poured forth onto this delightfully spectral slice of hushly toned minimalism – utterly blissful and dare we say heavenly. Equally ear tugging is ‘leather jacket’ by the modern folk of America whose slacker-esque bliss tones had us much recalling a Velvet-esque rewiring of Mercury Rev’s ‘car wash hair’ – indeed that good while rounding up the pack ZNR’s ‘solo un dia’ has had us a tad concerned that somewhere along the line a large chunk of our listening education has been grossly overlooked given that this originally appeared in the mid 70’s – something we suggest for all you Le Bleu admirers.    

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