cavern of anti-matter

There’s only 1000 of these limited press 12’s via duophonic, new tastiness from cavern of anti matter in the shape of ‘I’m the unknown’ finds them taking their futuro grooved kosmiche library lounge sound and soldering on to its hyper gliding chassis a kookily wiggy not to mention quite smoochy sonic species forged from Moroder-esque disco-mech, funky club land 80’s techno a la 808 State albeit as viewed through the binary lens of the boltfish crew and playfully vintage electronic noodling doodles, which in short doesn’t sound so far off an imagining of ‘dots and loops’ pared down and given a fat n’ funkily sassy electro mirror ball makeover by a  collaborative tour de force gathering the talents of Arthur Baker and Herbie Hancock.

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