As promised new loveliness from the precociously talented Pulco, a three tracker entitled ‘garden’ which according to the sleeve notes hark of ‘past echoes from simpler times’. If we didn’t know any better we’d be edging our bets that lead out track ‘the garden’ was the sound of something drifting out on a boat ride from Summerisle painted by the soft hearted scientists and piloted by the Gorky’s folk, a wonderfully dizzy slice of lolloping and willowy psych rustics whose lightness of touch and slyly entrancing mercurial craft brought forth to mind the much missed Freed Unit – ‘gigglegoo’ era of course. Beautifully haunting and all said the best thing here, ‘ghosts’ is seductively frosted in an intimate soft psych baroque framing possessed of the same faraway and thoughtful contemplative toning of McCartney’s more solitary pennings for the Beatles albeit here tweaked by the caressful touching of the immaculate Beaulieu Porch. ‘the impossibility of silence’ wraps up the set, its minimalist electro phrasing hinting of AB Leonard, no bad thing I can tell you, beneath which an ode to noise most notably John Cage’s ‘4.33’ whirrs away with isolationist glee. https://pulco.bandcamp.com/album/garden-single

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