geist and the sacred ensemble

hell’s teeth, amid the chaos and utter lack of order, we’ve somehow strayed on a few recent releases from the much loved moon glyph imprint, the most glaring omission being Geist and the Sacred Ensembles’ brooding spell craft ‘within’ from which we’ve opted to round upon ‘beyond this vessel’. A sub seven-minute primitive mystic rising from the primordial fog draped in hallucinogenic swirls, the atmosphere both sultry and choking, a peak beyond the reality barrier and into psyche’s dream droned netherworld to glimpse at a fracturing landscape that the likes of Goat only ever dare hint yet never dare step to enter, a brooding ceremony of bad tripping juju where dissolve and blur Tibetan chants amid the thickeming haze of mind fracturing arabesques, in short for fans of beta lactam ring, most notably seven that spells in an imagined face off with Ariel Kalma.

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