originally appearing on the fractured last album by the Walker Brothers – a set by all accounts described by All Music as ‘taking you down an alleyway, stripping you and then running off wearing one of your socks on its head whilst singing songs from ‘South Pacific’ or something similar to that effect – if I hadn’t heard it previously I’d be chomping at the proverbial bit right now. The title track ‘Nite flights’ was one of a quartet of cuts penned by Scott Walker for the album, in retrospect in terms of mood and execution it gave hint as to the direction a solo Scott would later venture. Covered by both Bowie and the Fatima Mansions in the 90’s, it now gets an overdue re-appraisal by the Welsh answer to the Acid Mothers, Sendelica who pour light onto its shadowy framing and set about lushly toning its fragile detailing into a seductively tripping senses overloading orchestral cosmic whirlwind amid whose mystical mists are devilishly demurred the kind of psychotropic mind morphing mosaics that were once the trademark ear candy attaching to both curved air and Jefferson airplane platters of yore. Over on the flip the same track, though this time remodelled through the mind expansive lens of Astralasia who set about giving it a ‘tabla’ trimming into the bargain stripping it down to its bare essentials and hooking it up with transcendental turbos that allure and seduce to an intoxicating hypno grooved haze of smoking swarthy shimmering. Due December time, the release comes in limited quantities of coloured wax all accompanied by three postcards depicting alternate sleeve designs.


Not enough Sendelica for you, might we suggest you leave your chosen reality behind at the door and enter the dizzying domain that is their live experience, here captured twice, the first being a trance toned astral arabesque, a humungous head trip into the kaleidoscopic void courtesy of their drone alter ego – 24 minutes of perception altering jazz juju that imagines Tubby Hayes sky high on mescaline ripping blissfully through the kranky records back catalogue…..


….while the second piece of footage comes ripped from an appearance in Italy earlier in the year celebrating their year long 10th anniversary happenings, a full on stoned out psychedelic freak storm……


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