steve’s white jacket

spotted this lurking on that there soundcloud, look I know there’ll be grumbles from certain quarters but bugger it, a spot of guilty pleasures shall we say, me personally, I always had a soft spot for New Musik, an electro pop chart troubling beat combo headed up by the very talented Tony Mansfield, herewith a version of the impossibly addictive ‘living by numbers’ being given a face lift by Steve’s White Jacket of whom we have absolutely diddly info about, not even sure when they cut it, anyhow this version appears to keep to the spirit of the original even if its less effervescently toned, slacker in comparison I guess some folk would say, but all the same a perfect excuse for us to spend a morning rummaging the collection and troubling the turntable with their tunes. Those of you with a thing for such 80’s vintage might well be warned that there’s a cutely affectionately cover of the Psychedelic Furs’ ‘ghost in you’ somewhere on there too.

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