the bordellos

Okay we’ve been meaning to feature the latest album from the Bordellos for a while, beset by files going missing, same files being found but puzzling translated in robot speak, then lost again, its been a frustrating few days in the Sunday Experience laptop dismantling work shop. Rest assured words are coming this weekend. There, I’ve said it. Done. Before that, there’s this, a newly peeled cut of wayward Bordellomania by the name ‘brief taste’ which features on a delightfully ear grooved compilation from the folk at hope not hate in Carmarthen entitled ‘# more in common hope not hate’. The set features a staggering 95 tracks which we will be dipping in and out of during the course of however long it takes to get through 95 tracks – shall we do a track a day – responses on an electronic postcard to Bill in West Lothian. Anyway plenty here to interest us, among the roll call datblygu, pulco, two ragged soldiers, the british space group, the repo man – is that the same repo men hailing from Yorkshire and friends of thee humbug who trailed a considerable small blaze around these here missives a few years back we wonder, john Lawrence (is that the same JL with loose connections to Melys?- wasn’t he called the infinity chimp – the memory fades…), deux furieses, thought forms, consterdine….the list is endless all household names, well our house at least. Anyhow before we forget, the Bordellos with the previously advertised ‘brief taste’ – look be honest with me, am I really the only one who thinks that were Peel still alive this lot along with of arrowe hill would have been promoted to house bands, in fact I’d go as far in saying I think the Peel bloke would have been so enamoured of the Bordellos that he would have probably moved them in to a nearby barn and had them replacing the dawn chorus of Stowamarket with their sounds of anti pop curmudgeoness. Now we could say this sounds like Daniel Johnston, the Fall or whoever else you’d care to throw in the mix, but in truth the Bordellos sound like no one and yet strangely like everyone, just love the skewed disinterest where it sounds as though everyone is playing three bars behind everyone else, its all crookedly cool lo-fi loveliness and quite frankly that’s all you need to know, the album by the way is a killer. Oooh and we’ve just spotted tracks by the membranes, yr ods and carw – so I’m guessing that compilation review might be coming far sooner than first thought……   

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