Snowflakes Christmas singles club – Hannah Epperson

Can’t really believe I’m doing this, I fear I’m letting loose a genie from the bottle that I’d rather remained there for just a few more weeks at the least, but hey – or should that be heigh – ho.  Anyhow news reaches us that details of this years Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club have been revealed. For those previously unaware, the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club have in recent years become something of a traditional treat with this Dutch label showering the underground record buying community with a limited gathering of vinyl pretties which just to recap briefly, in previous years have seen seasonal greetings from the likes of Nancy Wallace, terminal gods, Hannah peel, the miserable rich, the silhouettes and many more besides. This years festive selection – incidentally the 4th years gathering features a yuletide picking of seasonal pops from the Manhattan Love Suicides, Rope Store, the Haywains and Hannah Epperson, the last of whom – though not one of the two tracks adoring her coloured wax selection – recently unveiled a video to accompany the track ‘story’ from her recently released ‘upsweep’ debut full length – a beautiful thing it is to, a  frail and fragile frost tipped twinkle set gorgeously murmured in shivering electronica, genteelly purred neo classical shimmerings and a shyly toned intimate tenderness.


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