classic trash presents ‘forgotten freak outs – lost Halloween hits (1954 – 77)’

Lovingly compiled by the dudes over at Burger records, well specifically by Sean Bohrman, two killer name your price compilations have just hit the cyberspace super highway via the newly forged Classic Trash imprint. ‘forgotten freak outs – lost Halloween hits (1954 – 1977)’ is just like it says on the coffin lid, a gathering of ghoulish novelty groove from the dark side, 21 shivering shake downs from a distant pop golden age, among this assembled horror hounding monster hop, tales of fiends, frights and fatalities spook to tap out a stereophonic séance of gruesome grinds and spectral shimmies, rockin bone treats aplenty among the prize picks jimmy cross’ fiendishly freakish ‘I want my baby back’ creepily plots a loosely sinister excavation of the Shangri La’s ‘leader of the pack’, Scottie Stuart’s creaking and creeping rumble ‘nightmare’ and Hugh Barrett and the Vicars’ scare swing ‘there was a fungus among us’.

check out the labels back catalogue for ‘born good – the songs that Tiny Tim taught us’ – again another gathering of talents impeccably researched and featuring a host of household names including Al Jolson, Bing Crosby and Jim Reeves all cutting original takes of tunes made famous by Tiny Tim in – as the liner notes admit – a style meant as a homage to the Cramps’ extensive crate digging ‘born bad’ compilations.

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