finders keepers – Halloween special…

been a fair old while since we checked into the Finder Keepers sound house, lo and behold a rather groovy Halloween special awaits on the podcast playlist that finds the terrible trio Messrs Shipton, Votel and Mitchell donning cloaks and heading out into the chilly night air for a spot record vault digging, dragging their finds kicking and screaming back through the swampy marshlands and into their sinister studio to spin, for your discerning ear, all manner of weird woozy waywardness that’s guaranteed to trip your headspace and warp your reality. So prepare thyselves for a two and a half hour phatasmagoriaphonic turntable treat replete with chat, japes, special guests and cool sounds, one of which that stands out being a very early Jean Michel Jarre appearance on a ’72 released single by Samuel Hobo entitled ‘synthetic man’which kicks in around the 17 minute mark, oh and some nifty Francophile kookiness from Stella with ‘Si Vous Connaissez Quelque Chose De Pire Que Qu’un Vampire Parlez M’en Toujours, Ça Pourra Peut-Être Me Faire Sourire’.


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