the assistant

mentioned this a little while back when details and information where still a little obscured in secrecy – here in fact – available pressed upon a strictly limited cassette, released today as it happens, in an edition of 105 copies each coming accompanied with a wrap around A3 promotional poster, this is the debut release from the Horror Pop Sounds imprint, a label dedicated to sourcing and bringing in from the cold lost soundtracks from across the globe,the first of which being ‘Anja and the Memory People’. A little known Czech TV series originally aired on CST TV-2 in 1975, alas all the transmission tapes have long since been wiped save for the opening credits and this mysterious soundtrack by the Assistant. ‘Anja and the Memory People’ emerges from a vintage analogue shadow land, those admiring imprints such as Villa9 studios and Polytechnic Youth not to mention the incidental currently gracing the Akiha Den Den radio broadcasts will find much here of listening interest. Moored upon a tensely eerie sound palette that creeps and chills to an austere radiophonic workshop detailing, the Assistant weaves a disorientating mosaic threaded together by hypno-grooving psychotropic pulsars and heavily set progian ambient sequences all bedded upon a monochromatic out thereness (think ‘Sapphire and Steel’ and ‘timesliup’). Amid these dream machine murmurs and looming long sonic spectrals, the textures orbit to between light and dark tonalities giving the would-be listener the impression not to mention, the odd and disquieting feeling of drifting in and out of consciousness. Its something that’s expressed more vividly over on side 2 wherein matters take on a less fractured positioning as it opens to a lulling oceanic overture wherein dream toned cosmic flotillas craft out mesmeric mirages which as a point of referernce surf the lunar waves joining the navigational dots to Pye Corner Audio’s recent ‘Stasis’ set for ghost box. Of course the fear factory and psychological quotient is never you feel, totally extinguished, rathermore prowling in the dark recesses manifesting itself in all its phobic splendour at the chilling finale. Future Horror Pop Sounds happenings should see a mooted set by the Art of the Memory Palace emerging while the Assistant will shortly form part of a limited split release with the ina bauer trio for polytechnic youth. Ordering information via


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