theo nugraha

Those with long memories, stretching back to er – this morning, migt recall us mentioning a new compilation from the folk at gerpfast kolektif. What we omitted to tell you was that lurking amid the grooves of ‘nightmare before October end’ was a track by Theo Nugraha who regular patrons of these missives will be all too aware, has featured once or twice in these musings. Welll it seems Mr Nugraha has decided to make this month ‘Noisevember’ and promises to unleash a track a day in celebration of this event. Where exactly this might go is anytone’s guess especially with regard to degrees of brutality for first offering of this month long soiree is the ferocious ‘coklat – 2 minutes and 16 seconds of sonic carnage no doubt in honour of those noise niking dudes over at Alchemy records in Japan and something which to be honest is liable to strip walls of paper, paint and plaster whilst as an optional throw in might just melt your face into the bargain at no extra charge. In truth makes the much missed old guard Tayside Mental Health and Kylie Minoise seem positively tranquil and ambient by comparison.

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