Appears to be plenty of activity emanating from the wonderful sound labs of late, first of all the super seductive lounge groove of zooey is set to drop early next year while we’ve heard rumours of a limited lathe release by the Monk’s Kitchen being prepped – and no doubt probably sold out – and then there’s this the smoking – we think – debut by Angelina. Anyhow this is heading out of Wonderful Sound next month where it’ll come pressed up on hulking slabs of heavy duty wax.’vagabond saint’ be the name of the album and from it on teaser duty the title track, a smooching slice of husky gospel soul all seductively wrapped around a killer slacker toned snaking riff which to these ears sounds not unlike a sparring for affection Beck and Simple Kid face off led from the front by a youthful Tina Turner prowling and prowling whilst cooking up some nifty road blues bewitchment.

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  1. Thank for your words, we’re on Soho Radio Dec 5th doing a live show and Feb 2016 supporting Duke Garwood in Brighton Bristol London. All the best Angelina Vagabond Saint.

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