doncaster electronic foundation

seriously, just couldn’t resist this, always one of, if not. my favourite TV themes. Even as a child the ‘theme from Persuaders’ by John Barry just smoked of cosmopolitan cool, perhaps its that Italo phrasing exuding that noir lounge chic, something that Barry explored in earlier TV arrangements such as ‘vendetta theme’ and ‘the Danny Scipio theme’ from the same series. Under the collective guise Doncaster Electronic Foundation – members of the Pulselovers I suspect – and taken from a free to download full length ‘a fourth masquerade’ (an invited gathering of sound alchemists are invited to each cover a familiar song and rephrase it by electronic means – I must admit that promenade cinema’s retrimming of Abba’s ‘the winner takes it all’ is deserving of an ear very much falling into the same soundspace as Blancmange’s superb re-reading ‘the day before you came’). Anyway back to pressing matters, ‘theme from the Persuaders’ is wonderfully stripped back and reborn as a lilting shimmer toned cosmic lounge carousel that though retrimmed of the originals lush fulsome tones rathermore pushes the mystery and mercurial quotient to the fore which only serves to raise as bit of a conundrum in our gaff, what do we do now, two favourite TV themes, both the same show, life is be annoyingly confusing at times don’t you find.   

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